Thanks to our friends at Warloard Games, we are pleased to share our thoughts on the brand new Exterminate! game which is due to be released on general sale within the next couple weeks. Pre-orders are now open on the ‘Into the Time Vortex’ website; however, why not take a look at our unboxing review before ordering.

Product Details

Two of the Doctor’s most ancient and relentless foes – the hateful Daleks and emotionless Cybermen – clash as they seek to fulfil their own nefarious ends in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game.

Amongst this titanic conflict, the Doctor protects the Time Vortex the only way he knows how – with ever-changing companions, the TARDIS, and a sonic device…

Take control of either the Daleks or the Cybermen. Pit your wits against your adversaries as you attempt to gather resources vital to your plans before they fall into the hands of your opponents. Build your force from a variety of options and recruit other factions to your cause – whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

An eternity of adventures awaits you…

In the Exterminate! miniatures game your Cyberman and Dalek forces can recruit neutral factions, improving their chances of success and adding even more variety to your games.

These highly detailed plastic Cybermen and Dalek miniatures are ‘push-fit’ allowing them to be easily built without glue.

The Exterminate! game contains:

  • 12 easy-fit plastic Time War Daleks
  • 12 easy-fit plastic Cyber Legion Cybermen
  • 14 plastic Cybermats
  • Double-sided 36″ x 36″ battlemat
  • Card scenery
  • 34 Recruitment Cards
  • 56 Adventure Cards
  • 36 Battle Cards
  • 16-page Rules booklet
  • 12-page Adventures booklet
  • 24-page Guide to the Time _ Vortex booklet
  • 10 Combat Dice
  • 2 Quick Reference Sheets
  • Card Ruler
  • 59 card tokens

Unboxing Review

Highly anticipated, Exterminate! The Miniatures Games builds upon the popular range launched by Warlord Games late last year.  The Exterminate Game offers players the chance to battle the Daleks against the Cybermen, although more expansion sets are planned to ensure that gameplay is varied and refreshed!

The game is shipped in a high-quality gloss box, shrink wrapped to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If purchased directly from Warlord Games, the product is sent within an outer cardboard box to ensure a safe delivery which is really pleasing. Just like all other Doctor Who Warlord Games products, Exterminate! is made within Great Britain which is a big bonus for us!

When taking the lid off the box, an array of goodies greets you; everything you need to get you started on your adventure. Each component is neatly packed and easy to find.

The three glossy booklets and two glossy leaflets provide you with all the information you need to know. The booklets cover all aspects of gameplay, so It would be advisable to read this first as to ensure that you are familiar with the different sets of cards, and assembly of the figures, before going any further with the unpacking. Each booklet includes some very nice visuals from the episodes, capturing the spirit of the series. The guides are clear and easy to follow which helps with the understanding of the rules.

The Rules is the most important booklet to read first. It details the ‘basic mechanics’ – the battle system needed to play the game correctly. The guide also explains each component, in turn, introducing the core concepts of the game. Summarised, players use the Battle cards, plus two sets of faction miniatures and their Recruitment cards, to fight a skirmish battle that runs through several turns and concludes according to the scenario objectives. The Guide to the Time Vortex contains details on the two factions included, the Daleks and Cybermen. The guide introduced six scenarios to play with these characters or other faction expansion packs. The third booklet is Adventures. This booklet introduces the game to factions made of the Doctor and his companions, explaining now to play them in two special scenarios. The Turn leaflets provide players with details of three phases to be implemented in the game; Initiative, Action and Upkeep.

The Rules booklet also explains the cards included; Recruitment,  Adventure and Battle. Just like the booklets, the cards are in full colour, featuring stills and promotional shots from the modern era of Doctor Who. The cards are of a high quality, allowing them to be sturdy within your hand, therefore making them durable for many game plays.

The Recruitment cards feature a number of facts on each cards covering the types of miniatures being brought to the game, special traits and notes, the number of ‘Fate’  tokens, special character icons and general profile or statistics; detailing movement, resilience, melle and shooting. The cards also feature a icon on each to ensure easy separation of decks from different game expansions. The Adventure cards detailing all the relevant rules, setting up scenarios, while Battle cards can be used to improve players chances at hitting and defending against the opposition using the Combat dice.

The miniatures included within this set are not the usual pewter moulds, but instead plastic; however, these have been designed to include as much detail as their metal counterparts. Just like the metal miniatures, it may be worth sanding down rough edges from where they detach to ensure you get a smooth but perfect finish. They require no glue, instead, they just clip together within seconds. As mentioned briefly above, the Guide to the Time Vortex includes further details about how to assemble the miniatures should you not be familiar with the range. The guide also included further details on each character, including a handy painting guide with step by step instructions. It also covers a guide on how to paint the Cybermats, which are also included in this set!

What strikes us with this set is the amount of thought which has gone into providing gamers with an in-depth Doctor Who themed game, whilst also making it a collectable. The product as a whole is of a high quality; however, we would advise you to take care with the game mat as it is printed on glossy paper so could easily rip without care.
The game offers many hours of gameplay which will allow miniature fans the opportunities to utilise their collection of figures.  The prospect of adding on expansion packs in the future will maintain the interest in the game and range, which in turn is sure to evolve. It would be a great starter set for anyone who wishes to collect the range, as it will allow them to have the option of utilising any future miniatures which they may purchase. As the set contains the Dalek and Cybermen, the painting and the assembly of these figures will be easier, providing a good step in.

Exterminate! retails for £35.00 and is now available to pre-order via the link below.

Pre-order your copy of Exterminate!

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