The Dematerialisation Circuit is an essential part of a TARDIS, which enables it to dematerialise from normal space into the Time Vortex and rematerialise back from it. Dematerialisation circuits have been used in several episodes of classic Who (Terror of the Autons, The Three Doctors). Mini dematerialisation circuits were also used by the Daleks in their time travel devices, in the episode ‘Day of the Daleks’

Now Rubbertoe Replicas is pleased to offer you this beautiful replica of the most recent version of the Dematerialisation Circuit, used in the recent dramatic series 10 finale, ‘The Doctor Falls’ for £109.95.

In this episode, the Dematerialisation Circuit of the Master’s TARDIS was destroyed as a result of the Master’s attempt to escape a Mondasian colony ship which was being pulled into a black hole. Ultimately, the Master would come across his future incarnation, Missy, who provided him with a spare dematerialisation circuit which she had remembered to keep on hand as a result of their encounter.

Made by Doctor Who prop maker Alun Hardy, this version of the dematerialisation circuit is quite a lot smaller than the prop that appeared in the classic series. Our replica is 1:1 scale, and, as always with a Rubbertoe Replica, is made using exactly the same materials and techniques that were used to create the original screen used prop.

The Dematerialisation Circuit comes with its own specially designed stand so it can be displayed attractively, and is packaged in a Rubbertoe gift box.

The majority of The Dematerialisation Circuit is made from resin – there are 5 separate pieces; the main body and the four discs. The main body is then art-worked using the Hydrochrome system, and the rest is then hand painted. The small details such as the copper wire are made and added meticulously by hand – there are twenty-nine separate components in this little piece! They may be small but they sure are fiddly!

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