Thanks to our good friends at Robert Harrop Designs, we have been given special access to their latest limited edition release; the Special Weapons Dalek figurine from 1988’s Seventh Doctor story, ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’.

The ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’ is the first episode where we see the deployment of the Special Weapons Dalek. Unlike a conventional Dalek, it has no manipulator arm or eye-stalk, but instead, it has an enormous energy cannon capable of completely vaporised two Renegade Daleks in one shot.

Just like their recent releases, Robert Harrop Designs has produced another spectacular figurine, replicating the onscreen character perfectly. Standing at approximately 142mm tall, each figurine is wrapped carefully in bubble wrap and packaged in an individually numbered presentation box, which also contains an individually numbered collectors card relating to the numbered sticker located on the base of the Dalek.

When unwrapping our figure, we were instantly impressed with the colour and finish of the Special Weapons Dalek which gives the impression that it has been in battle. The cannon is imposing and the impressive paintwork makes the upper grey armour look old, worn and tarnished by multiple firings. The white and gold paintwork even gives the feel that the Dalek has received heat damage from the intensity of each shot, although this has not been overdone, therefore spoiling the appearance of the figurine. The paintwork and finish of this release is truly spectacular and it really does showcase the care and attention that Robert Harrop Design puts into every figurine produced, ensuring every figurine is produced to the highest standards possible! The sculpt has been traditionally hand-sculpted by Simon Boden who has nailed this release on the head as the dimensions look perfect. Just like other releases in the range, we particularly liked the themed base which this time has a cobbled stone effect. This has been themed to the streets of East London, which featured in the episode.

While the Special Weapons Dalek is one of the more expensive releases, priced at £95, this is certainly one figure which can not be missed.
In a first for the range, the figurine has been produced in two sections and comes in two parts,  allowing the upper part of the Dalek to be posed in various positions, therefore bringing the character more to life. The upper part connects to the base via a small central pin, allowing the turret to move 360 degrees. Ideally, the upper section has been finished with a felt covering to ensure that it does not damage the piece when moved. Placed on a shelf or in an industrial setting as we have done, this is an impressive figurine which you will not regret purchasing!

At the time of writing, there are not many figurines left to purchase. Limited to just 250 worldwide these figurines are sure to sell out, so don’t hang around. Compared to the 1975 Dalek limited release of 750, this is most certainly a piece which will not hang around for long.

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