With thanks to our friends at Robert Harrop Designs, we’ve been given access to the Draconian Prince figurine which was released online a couple of weeks ago.

The latest figure in the range, the Draconian Prince, comes from 1973’s episode, ‘Frontier in Space’ which sees The Doctor and Jo Grant arrive on board an Earth spaceship in the year 2540 which then comes under attack by the Ogrons.

Once again, Robert Harrop Designs have come up trumps with another great figurine, which we must admit, looks very lifelike in our photos.  As usual, the figure is presented in a dark blue and silver cardboard box which is individually numbered and includes a collectors card. Bubblewrap protects the figure internally, ensuring that your figure is well protected for transportation and storage.

Unwrapping the figure, we were impressed with the vivid earthy tones of the figurine which has been hand painted to near perfection. The impressive head sculpt authentically recreates the texture of the scaly-skinned prince, along with his arms, while his costume has been lovingly recreated to include lots of detail. We were particularly mesmerised with the Draconian’s ears which feature scaly points, along with his deep, dark and withdrawn eyes.

The full-length robe features draping arms with a visible lining, along with a straight cut cloth straight down to his toes. The sculpt has been well thought out to include folds and creases all the way around, giving the impression of free-flowing fabric, whilst remaining grand and authoritative.  In the centre, a jewel medallion has been glossed to give a shiny and glimmering effect and his shoulder pads, depicting his rank, have been finished in gold. The same effect has been given to each of the three rings found on his fingers.

Holding the figure in your hands gives you the sense of quality. As with every Harrop Doctor Who figurine, the base has been finished with felt before being finished off with its uniquely numbered sticker. This is a certainly another great addition to the range and it is clear to see why this has already sold out.

With the reduction in production numbers, we are sure that these figures will be growing more and more in popularity, therefore it is now imperative that you order as soon as possible. The collectability and rarity of these figures are sure to appeal to a lot of collectors. Already, the Cybershade, which is due to be released within the next couple of weeks has sold out, marking the fourth sell out in recent weeks.

Check out the latest range by visiting https://www.robertharrop.com/doctor-who