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Robert Harrop Designs Tetrap Urak Review

Thanks to our friends at Robert Harrop Designs, we are pleased to bring you a review of their latest piece; Tetrao Urak. The review forms part of our exclusive ‘Creating a Monster‘ partwork which tracks the production of a Doctor Who figurine from start to finish. Our review can be found by clicking the following […]

BBC Shop (US) Holiday TARDIS

Deck the halls with this delightful TITAN figurine sure to infuse any Whovian’s hearth with timeless cheer. Wearing a warm wreath and a coat of snow, this TARDIS is ready for the thrills and chills of abundant wintery adventures, tumbling through space and time to arrive in your home this holiday season. Priced at $14.98 and […]

Eaglemoss Doctor Who Parliament Dalek Figurine Set

Pre-order now! Available 7th of November! Watch out! The Daleks are here to exterminate with this extraterrestrial Daleks Parliament Figurine Box Set containing 10 Daleks from Doctor Who The Official Figurine Collection. Doctor Who’s nemesis includes: The Last Dalek (“Dalek”) New Paradigm Supreme Dalek (“Victory of the Daleks”) Skaro City Dalek (“The Mutants”) Gold Dalek (“Day of the Daleks”) Genesis Dalek (“Genesis of the Daleks”) […]

Harrop Draconoan Prince Released

Robert Harrop Designs have released their next hand-painted Doctor Who figure, the Draconian Prince from  1973’s ‘Frontier in Space’.  Robert Harrop Designs have been creating collectable hand painted figurines for over 30 years and have gained a well-earned reputation for high quality and accuracy of detail.  Their extensive portfolio includes Thunderbirds, Camberwick Green, Beano Dandy […]

Warlord Games Doctor Who ‘Into the Time Vortex’ 2018 Preview

Our good friends at Warlord Games have sent us a preview of just some of the Doctor Who miniatures due to be released in the first half of 2018, however, we have it on good authority that even more figures are still to come! The Draconian, Special Weapons Dalek, The Mire, Odin, Quark Robot, Dominator, Irongron, […]


It’s all change at TITANS as the Time Lords are regenerating to an all-new dimension never seen before… the Kawaii TITANS dimension! Titan Entertainment is super-excited to debut all twelve Doctors in their all-new Kawaii TITANS format, designed by legendary Titan Comics Doctor Who cover artist Kelly Yates! Adored for their differences as much as […]