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Warlord Games Six Doctors Promotion (2 x Three Doctor Sets + K9)

Warlord Games have probably produced what will become two of the most popular sets to be released to the range, just in time for Christmas! The unassembled and unpainted miniatures of the Doctors in previously unreleased poses are priced at £11.99 per set, although order the special ‘Six Doctors’ bundle for £23.98 and receive a […]

Exclusive Warlord Games ‘Into the Time Vortex’ Jamie McCrimmon Revealed

Warlord Games have revealed an exclusive miniature has been added to the ‘Into the Time Vortex’ range in the shape of Jamie McCrimmon, played by Frazer Hines. Frazer played the Second Doctor’s companion from 1966 to 1969, alongside Ben and Polly, making him the longest-serving companion to date. He would later return to reprise his […]

Robert Harrop Designs Draconian Prince Review

With thanks to our friends at Robert Harrop Designs, we’ve been given access to the Draconian Prince figurine which was released online a couple of weeks ago. The latest figure in the range, the Draconian Prince, comes from 1973’s episode, ‘Frontier in Space’ which sees The Doctor and Jo Grant arrive on board an Earth […]

Draconians and Vervoids join Into the Time Vortex

Two brand new Doctor Who have joined Warlord Games Into the Time Vortex range just in time for Christmas. The Draconians and Vervoids are now available to buy from the online store priced at £11.99 per set.  Each model measures approximately 38mm and comes unassembled and unpainted. Draconians Draconians are a race of reptilian humanoids […]

Robert Harrop Cybershade Christmas Limited Edition

Robert Harrop Designs have released their next hand-painted Doctor Who figure, the Cybershade from  2008’s ‘The Next Doctor’.  Robert Harrop Designs have been creating collectable hand painted figurines for over 30 years and have gained a well-earned reputation for high quality and accuracy of detail.  Their extensive portfolio includes Thunderbirds, Camberwick Green, Beano Dandy and […]

Robert Harrop Designs Tetrap Urak Review

Thanks to our friends at Robert Harrop Designs, we are pleased to bring you a review of their latest piece; Tetrao Urak. The review forms part of our exclusive ‘Creating a Monster‘ partwork which tracks the production of a Doctor Who figurine from start to finish. Our review can be found by clicking the following […]