The ‘Into The Time Vortex’ range by Warlord Games is rapidly expanding with a wide range of characters from the new and classic series.

Available now are three miniature sets; The Return of Doctor Mysterio (£7.99), Professor Yana and Chantho (£7.99), along with the classic monsters, the Tetraps (£11.99).

The Return of Doctor Mysterio

From the first new episode in twelve months, ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ sees the Doctor and the previously decapitated Nardole (Matt Lucas taking on the companion role, now thankfully with his head reattached) arrive in present-day New York. They team up with reporter Lucy Fletcher and the mysterious superhero the Ghost to fight aliens with a fondness for brain-swapping.

These two beautifully sculpted pewter figures feature the Ghost as portrayed by Justin Chatwin, and Dr Sim, played by Aleksandar Jovanovic.

Professor Yana and Chantho

This release features two pewter characters from the Series Three story Utopia: Professor Yana, played by Derek Jacobi, and Chantho, played by Chipo Chung.

This story reintroduces the Master, one of the Doctor’s oldest and deadliest enemy. Here Derek Jacobi takes on the iconic role, albeit in cleverly disguised form.

The TARDIS crew, rejoined by Captain Jack Harkness, travel to Malcassairo in the year 100 trillion. There we are introduced to Professor Yana and his assistant, Malmooth Chantho, who are working to send the last remaining humans to Utopia, the last hope for humankind, in a giant rocket. Their plans are being hampered by the Futurekind, vicious cannibalistic natives of the planet, determined to sabotage their efforts.

As the Doctor assists Yana in mending the damaged rocket engine, the professor becomes troubled by a rhythmic drum beat in his head. He explains to the Doctor that he does not know what the beats mean, but that they have been troubling him for as long as he can remember. Martha notices Yana holding a pocket fob watch identical to the one the Doctor possessed in Human Nature/The Family Of Blood, a crucial part of the Chameleon Arch, that could hold the essence of a Time Lord. When the Professor inspects the watch, voices from within tell him to open it, releasing the Master’s essence.

Yana reveals his true identity to a distraught Chantho and attacks her with a live electric cable. Although dying, Chantho still manages to pick up a gun and shoot him. The Master stumbles into the Doctor’s TARDIS, and deadlocks the doors. Fatally injured, he begins to regenerate into a new body…

The newly regenerated Master dematerialises the TARDIS and leaves the Doctor, Martha and Jack stranded.


The Tetraps are humanoid bat/wild boar hybrids with four eyes, a forked tongue, furry bodies and an addiction to blood plasma. Unique, ridiculous but impressive is perhaps the right combination of words to describe them.

Sleeping upside down like bats, they are short sighted (one eye on each side of your head can get confusing!) but what they lack in sight they make up in threat: they can dispatch their victim by injecting paralysing poison through their tongues. Ouch.

They were employed by The Rani (Kate O’Mara) a Time Lady science genius, whilst she was conducting brain experiments on the planet Lakertya. They bullied and enslaved the locals (naturally) and enforced the will of their mistress.

Their impressive, imposing design begs for a 21st-century update, perhaps applying them with contact lenses next time!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted, although paints and brushes can be purchased from Warlord Games separately.

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